Specialist Programs

At Kingston, our specialists work as a collaborative and mutually supportive group to deliver innovative, comprehensive programmes that are renowned in our region.

Classes are fun, educationally sound and enhance the whole school approach.  Special events in every specialist learning areas are ongoing and are a feature of what Kingston specialists deliver as supplementary to normal classes.

Some of these programmes include the Choir and Band in Music, Takenodai Sister School Programme in Japanese and Pop-Up Art and Artbeat in Visual Arts. Our sports programme is comprehensive and diverse and has resulted in sustained success in interschool competition and our newly formed Health programme is developing approaches that will supplement and enhance the cross curricular lessons delivered in each class.

The Arts - Visual Arts

Kingston offers a Visual Arts program provided by a Specialist Art Teacher in a purpose-built facility. Students from Years One to Six attend a 60-minute lesson weekly and are encouraged to develop skills and techniques and to enhance their ideas through a wide range of experiences including ceramics, printmaking, textiles, 3Dconstruction, sculpture, mixed media and painting. The program incorporates whole school initiatives such as the Virtues program and ANZAC commemorations and weaves special events such as NAIDOC Week, Harmony Day, Book Week and Sustainability into the activities offered.

Students are encouraged to express their ideas, experiences and imagination in a broad range of media and are inspired by the work of other artists from many genres and have worked with artists in residence. The positive, nurturing, safe environment allows students to be creative while being exposed to a wide range of skills.

Pop-Up Art, a lunchtime program, offers a fun experience on a weekly basis and ArtBeat is a biennial event unique to Kingston that incorporates Music and Art in a collaborative extravaganza of activities and experiences designed to inspire and excite students about The Arts.

The Arts - Music

Music is an integral component in the overall culture of Kingston Primary School. Students from Year 1-6 at Kingston are offered an engaging, entertaining, challenging and inspiring music program that aims to empower them. Students learn the elements of music through interaction with a variety of contemporary and classic music genres. They are encouraged to explore and experience new styles of music with their families at home, with the focus being the appreciation of music. Learning music stimulates imaginative and innovative responses, critical thinking and aesthetic understanding. Music encourages students to reach their creative and expressive potential. A large emphasis is placed on personal creativity and performance techniques, which allows students to feel comfortable and safe in the learning environment. Kingston Primary School offers a number of extension programs that are designed to advance music and performance skills, but also to foster confidence and self-worth within a student. These programs include a school choir (Kingston Quavers), a school rock band (Kingstonized) and instrumental tuition offered by the Instrumental Music School Services (IMSS). At Kingston, students will be inspired towards a lifetime of appreciation and love of music.



All Year 1 to Year 6 students and some Pre Primary students at Kingston Primary School attend weekly 55 minute sessions with specialist Japanese teachers in the Japanese classroom. The focus throughout the program is the acquisition of communication skills in Japanese, develop understanding about the role of language and culture in communication. Language learning broadens students’ horizons to include the personal, social, and employment opportunities and contribute as global citizen.

Kingston Primary School is one of the few primary schools in Australia who has an international sister school. Our sister school program with Takenodai Elementary School in Kobe, Japan was established in 2012.



Science at Kingston PS
Scientific thinking and attaining knowledge go hand in hand in Kingston's science program. Using a STEM approach with a sustainable mind set, our science program investigates the four core understandings of science - Biology, Earth and Space, Chemical and Physical Sciences. 
Students investigate interesting, real world topics using appropriate technologies. They undertake experiments to solve problems or prove scientific theories, whether these are established theories or their own questions and predictions. Students evaluate their work within a safe group settings.
We have been a Waste Wise/Waste Sorted school for over ten years, and continue to focus on maintaining our school gardens, which support our class learning. We endeavour to provide opportunities for students to extend their understanding of the science outside the classroom.


In physical education we aim to:

  • Provide the highest possible standard of Physical Education activities through the development of fundamental movement skills, participation and enjoyment.
  • Provide a comprehensive program to expose primary students to a variety of different sports.
  • Support improvements in student’s skill, fitness, abilities and understandings of a variety of sports.
  • Maintain expectations of positive team spirit and sportsmanship and provide positive role models and increased opportunity for skill development.