Support Team @ Kingston

In 2022, Kingston Primary School created a dynamic Student Services Team to support the mental and social wellbeing of our student community.  The purpose of the team is to provide support and counselling for students requiring it at any time during the year.  Teachers can identify students that may need support from a member of the team and speak with parents to gain permission for these services to be offered.  The referrals are triaged through the SAER (Students at Education Risk) Deputy Principal, Emma Eckersley and the referrals are then assigned to either the School Psychologist (Emmalee Walton), Social Worker (Courtney Dornan) or to one of our two Student Support Officers (Kelvin Poole and Kate Black).  Due to the high demand for these services, there may be the need to have a waitlist, and the waitlist frequently monitored the ensure the students who need the assistance most, are obtaining it. 

We have started a Breakfast Club on Wednesday mornings to ensure our students have full stomachs to set them up for success in the classroom.  We have been able to organise this through donations from community members, as well as Foodbank.  

We are also implementing a new Music Development program called Kingston Beatz.  This music development program will explore a variety of percussion instruments including Taiko, African Drums and Boom Whackers. The main musical outcome of this program is to improve the rhythm skills of the students involved.  Students selected for this program chosen because of their below average grades in Music over multiple semesters and to also develop student's self-discipline and teamwork skills.  Each lesson will focus on self-discipline and the social/emotional growth of the students involved. Lessons will include meditation exercises, stretching and yoga techniques to enhance mental concentration. Students will be required to show respect to themselves and the other students within the program.  

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Emma Eckersley

Deputy Principal

Emmalee Walton
School Psychologist

Courtney Dornan

Social Worker

Kate Black

Student Support Officer

Kelvin Poole

Student Support Officer